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  • Allen MIDI Assistant

    Greetings, all! I’ve been quite quiet on the forum, but I appreciate the valuable insights I find here…but I hope I’m sharing this in the right place?!
    Anyways, I am helping a church find a replacement Allen MIDI Assistant. Price could be an issue….or not. I’m not entirely sure as of now. Would you all recommend them getting an older, used model that requires floppy disks or invest in a new model that reads USBs? The organ is an Allen MDS 44 or 46, it seems…I can check tomorrow.

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    Welcome back. I'm not sure either of those models exist. The MDS-46 would be more likely because there is an MDS-26 model, but I've neer seen an MDS-44 or MDS-46 designation before. If possible, look for the MIDI Assistant the church already has. That way, they can always re-use existing materials rather than having to switch to a new format, which could be the source of never-ending frustration.

    To find one, check the usual places like FB, CL, eBay, etc. Of course, you can always place a Classified here on the Forum. You never know what some of us are holding onto. If we know what your need is, we may be able to find it in our travels, either virtual or literal. Of course, one of our techs is also in Arkansas, and I highly recommend his services.

    I hope this helps a little.


    P.S. I've moved this topic where you might get more views, as the MIDI Assistant isn't really speaker-related.
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      Can you clarify? You said you are "helping a church find a replacement Allen MIDI Assistant." Does that mean they have one but it is not working and needs repair?