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    I just bought an old WERSI OX7 Toneweel drawbar module. I'm trying to use it as a drawbar midi controller for the GSI VB3II software organ but it's not that easy... The thing is that every movement of any drawbar generates three CC values:

    CC99 - always value 0
    CC98 - value 0-8 depending of drawbar number
    CC6 - value from 0-127, the actual position of the drawbar

    So, the value of CC98 (0-8) is what determine what drawbar is pulled or pushed. The VB3 organ does have a "learning function" but can only assign one CC number per drawbar and as it's only CC6 that's being used I can only remote one drawbar...

    Is there any "standalone-midi-transformer-software" out there? I've tried the MIDI transformer function in Cubase but there's no way to do it.

    If anyone has any suggestions or clues to this dilemma I would be very grateful.

    Glenn from Sweden

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    Bome MIDI translator Pro running on a PC,
    or a run the Translator project on a Bome Box.

    You would have have to write your own translation script in Translator Pro to remap the CC numbers etc sent from the Wersi controller so that they match what VB3ii is expecting
    mf Mezzo-Forte
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      Thanks! I'll look into that. Maybe MIDI-OX also will work...?

    • Old Vic
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      I'm relly wondering about your problem...I have an OX7, (but it is now partly defect,) but I looked up the MIDI-Implemention Chart (software version 3.3!!), and it shows that CC numbers 20...29 are reseponsible for drawbars,! ( this is "normal" nowtodays)-1 CC number for each drawbarfor each-, so it should work with any modern software or clone-organ! ..and the CC6 is for Data Entry MSB, and CC 98, 99 are "Non-registered Parameter"... perhaps you have a modell wih very old software-version?? Check it! (software update is theoretically possible, but it is in the hands of a group of ex-Wersi people (Wersi doesn't exsists anymore..), who are really robbers...but they are the experts... you can contact them on telephone and tell them your problem..he perhaps can tell you something that helps, or makes you some offer to consider ...
      "REPLAY Service Team, "
      -Fredy Schell
      -Tel.+49 (0) 67 47 - 95 27 84
      -Old Vic

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      Hallo, Glenn
      ..another idea just popped up: according to the "handbuch" the above mentioned CC 98, 99 are for Non-registered Parameters, and they are sending whatvwer, 3 at the time, but the sending of such parameters can be prohibitad in the Programm menu- it seems they are active now om your OX, but perhaps the others (20-29) are sending as well, but the software gets and learns the first arrivers first... so I suggest- 1. that you switch off the transmission for Non-Reg.'s,(in the Programm Menu) -2. you can also try tell the software by hand -and NOT throgh the autmatic learn-function- how and what it should recieve for every drawbar, (on diffferent chanel for upper and undermanual..)(I don't remember the VB3, but good softwares usually offer both methods)
      good luck...V.