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  • Wurlitzer (Viscount) C-380 Organ

    Hello everybody! A shot in the dark, just acquired a C-380- a 3 manual Wurlitzer-Baldwin-Viscount from the 90's with midi. However, I am noticing that I am not getting any midi signal from the shoes or the pistons. Does anybody have any information as to if these are indeed hooked up to the midi interface within the console?



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    Perhaps one of the forum members who owns or has owned a Viscount of that vintage will chime in with definitive info. Have you used a simple free software program such as MIDI Monitor to observe the MIDI stream coming out of the organ? If the pistons or shoes are in the stream, a simple monitor program will reveal the data being sent.

    It's not uncommon to discover that some older organs with MIDI don't have a full MIDI implementation. Even Allen ADC models from the 80's, when equipped with the optional MIDI translator, send only keying data out the MIDI stream. But your Viscount is from the 90's, when most manufacturers were finally offering a full MIDI implementation. As I said, we have people on the forum who own similar organs, so maybe one of them will tell you the whole story.
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      A 2 manual Wurlitzer C-250 inspected in 1990 only provides Note On/Off. I would expect the same to be true for C-125 and C-300.
      I know nothing about the C-380.


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        I have the schematics for thte C-380, along with theC-440, C-400 V.V.


        They were second generation digital church organs. Models released early 1990s.

        ​​​​​Viscount​ updated these organs several times.

        Early C models did not have a very good MIDI,

        Hard to tell whether the C-380 has anything more than note on / off.

        Best, check it out with a Midi monitor!.
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          I have the C-400 which is sort of a drawknob version of the C-380 (it has some other things though, such as more output channels). They share the same user manual.

          Mine has MIDI events on everything. And the user manual doesn’t differentiate between the two organs as far as MIDI is concerned. It is presented in a way that one would assume the two organs have the same capabilities.
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