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Conn 652 Types and Styles?

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  • Conn 652 Types and Styles?


    Which are the different Types and Styles of the Conn 652? How can I find out which type and style my organ is? I think the label is on the back panel but the back panel is missing.

    Thx, Yaeld85
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    Good question: just wish I had a good answer! Neither my Electronic Organ Reference List (a.k.a. "Mother List") nor the Organ Blue Book show any information as to Types or Styles distinctions. Perhaps the 652 service manual would have that info, but I no longer have one of those.

    Help, anyone?

    . . . Jan
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      The ID plate should be on the rail that runs across the top back of the organ where the lid is hinged. Usually a bronze plate in the middle. I don't remember Conn putting it under the keyboard shelf but that would be the other place to look.
      My service manual says Style 1, type 1.



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        Mine was the same. I'm not aware of a type 2 being imported into the UK.
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          On YouTube I see a brown one (mahogany, pecan, cherry...I don't know), and a white one. Other than the color of the case, they seem the same.
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            Doing a bit of research at the Organ Service Corp. site, I found:
            Conn 652 service manual, part #71314-067 @$30
            a supplement, #71314-066 @ 0.00.

            Kinda tells me there were no variants.

            . . . Jan


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              As far as I can recall as a Conn tech during that period, they only made the type 1 652 before moving on to the 653.

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                Thanks for your answer, Tom!
                I was wondering which types there are because I saw some websits where "Type II" is written like http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Musica...er=AD005619070.