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  • Conn 650 parts


    I am rebuilding a Conn 650 organ into a Hauptwerk organ with new keyboards. About 95% of the 650 works now, so there are a lot of potential spare parts. I think all of the circuit boards work with the possible exception of the preset piston controls and the bottom octave of some of the solo stops. The keyboards all work but seem to be worn - keys near middle C feel markedly different from the high notes, especially on the great.

    I am willing to send parts to a good home for the cost of shipping. Please let me know if there is something you need or parts that I should be careful to save.

    I am planning on reusing the pedal board (with new switches) and the plastic has cracked on about a dozen of the end pieces (Conn part number 71920-213) that hold the springs. Let me know if you know of a source for these. If there are no sources I can have some 3D printed (first guess is about $20 apiece) and could post information on how to get them printed if that is useful to others.

    Thanks for your help.