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Conn 650 (Type 1) Tone Cabinets

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  • Conn 650 (Type 1) Tone Cabinets

    Tone Cabinets

    Which Conn tone cabinets are compatible with the 650?

    (Alas, I have forgotten to include "tone cabinets" in the subject")
    Conn 650 (Type 1) with gold bus bars. 4 sets of Conn Pipes. A stupid Kimball piano

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    I would think any one (or more) of the Conn pipes would be compatible. Are you wondering about Leslie tone cabinets?

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      My apologies. Tone cabinets, as in external Leslie Tone Cabinets.
      Conn 650 (Type 1) with gold bus bars. 4 sets of Conn Pipes. A stupid Kimball piano


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        Leslie 700 gives a good throb to the tibias with its Rotosonic drum, and amplifies both channels of the organ. Leslie 251 gives a nice jiggle to the tibias with the treble horn, but its secondary straight channel doesn't have enough power to match the rotary channel, and it can't handle bass. 710 adds the treble horn to the 700. 715 is similar but has an 11-pin hookup rather than 9. 415 is a short 715, not so much power but more than enough for a home.

        Conn made two cabinets, the 255 and 256. A pair would make the 650 sound very nice.

        Leslie 600 is a rare one, but is probably the best, if you can find one. And it has connections for your pipes.

        I think the 255 and 256 are plug and play. The other leslies will need connector kits to hook up.
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