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Thomas Celebrity 871 with a Leslie 700 Speaker

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  • Thomas Celebrity 871 with a Leslie 700 Speaker

    Just acquired a Thomas Celebrity 871 with a Leslie 700 Speaker. It powers up but does not play. The cable for the speaker to the organ was lost as some point. Does the organ need the speaker to play or are there internal speakers? Both pieces are in great shape other than the missing cable and the organ not playing but it does hum internally and light up when powered on. I would like to try and fix it as I have extensive electronic back ground just need some directions from the pros. Was passed down to me from my Grandfather who bought it in 1975 new.

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    The 871 Celebrity does have internal speakers. The 700 isn't the usual choice of Leslie for the organ and it may have been wired up to work only with the cabinet, though that would be unusual. You're going to need schematics and also you'll have to see how that Leslie has been wire up. There should be a fitting kit of some kind inside the organ. Look for a silver coloured box with a 9-pin female Amphenol socket. That's where the Leslie's cable would have plugged in. If it's a 'custom' connection, things may be different.

    Not sure if the 871 has any switches for internal/external speakers (sometimes called Main/Echo) but look around the console for them.
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      Check the slide switch under the lower manual next to the headphone jack. This was the first place to check on Service calls where the organ "just quit making any sound."
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