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  • Clarification Please

    On Conn Model number Plates you will see Style____ and Type____ numbers can someone tell me what these numbers mean??


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    AFAIK, Style would be the model number, eg 551, 580, 650 etc and the Type would refer to a a revision during the model's lifetime. Example would be a 580, Type I or Type II. The Type II had auto rhythm and a few extras. I assume they used this in a standard way over time.
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      Many ID plates had four numbers:

      Model: The basic model number.
      Finish: The color of the stain and veneer.
      Style: Console design. Often just different legs, round, square, French, etc.
      Type: Indicates changes in electronics such as changing from single speed Leslie to two speed.

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        My original Conn 650 has a Model and Type number..

        Model 650

        Type #1

        Type one didn't have a true reverb. Instead, it had short and longer sustain levels. Also, the Type one had 2 'Chiff' buttons and 2 'Tibia Harm' [2 types of harmonics] buttons.

        The next Type [#2] had a real reverb tank, but only 1 Tibia Harm - and no Chiff's. -- The Chiff buttons were replaced with 2 dedicated Reverb buttons.

        So my 650 was the very first Type produced [AFAIK]...

        [Also, if you're using the Chimes, that adds an even longer sustain than the 2 labeled [Reverb, Sustain]. So you can combine all 3 levels and get some serious sustain!]

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