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Allen MDC - no sound

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    Allen MDC - no sound

    The Allen MDC (about which I inquired the model number) has no sound coming from either keyboard or the pedal board.

    The rhythm box on the side has sound, but not sure if that's any indication of anything.

    Is there a particular issue that these organs have that I could diagnose?

    I'm looking at shelling out a bunch for travel time / mileage to have someone come out and look at it, so if it's something I can diagnose, I'll give it a shot.

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    You may just have to bite the bullet and get a tech. There are any number of things that could bring the organ down. Troubleshooting always starts with the power supply, so you could at least check to see if the required voltages are present. If not, look for the cause -- blown fuse, an adjusting pot out of adjustment, etc.
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      The unit powers up, so it's not the "main" fuse, but there could be additional ones in there.

      I'll see if I can open it up on Saturday when I'm there.