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Conn 650 & 720 manual upgrade - possible?

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  • Conn 650 & 720 manual upgrade - possible?

    Hi, all -
    So I acquired a nice Conn 650 off this forum several months ago. Sadly, it's plagued by the usual vinyl busbar unreliability. My Conn 720 suffers from the same ailment. I am quite fond of this particular 650, as it was obviously a labor of love for the previous owner. I wondered if there was any possibility of "updating" the manuals to the newer keying design used in the 652, or smaller consoles that I wouldn't feel bad parting out. Didn't some of the Theatrette consoles have at least one 61-key manual? A complete 652 would also be fun, but I'm short on space... I may have narrowly missed one that got sent to the dump today, but I'm going to keep telling myself the owner was mistaken about which console it was, if only to sleep better tonight...

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    Unfortunately, there's no practical way to convert the keying system in a pre-digitally keyed Conn to any other scheme without an enormous amount of work. I know - I experimented with converting my original 825 Classic (the 720's big brother) to a diode matrix keying system similar to the later 830 Classic, but trying to come up with suitable keyers for the pulse/reed voices was impractical.

    Not being able to afford the gold replacement keying rods (which are no longer available) I ended up replacing the vinyl 'wire' with nickel-silver rail from N scale model railroad track. Tedious, but kept the old girl playing (despite a bit of key click) for many years until I got my Rodgers 660. Some people have claimed similar success with equivalent diameter regular solder.

    --- Tom
    Rodgers 660 with additional analog rack sets (practice), 36D/C in digital conversion, Yamaha CVP-107


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      Have you tried applying Caig Labs Deoxit Fader F5 to the vinyl?
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