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Anyone know what model this Conn organ is?

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  • Anyone know what model this Conn organ is?

    I was looking around on Craigslist at the organs people were selling and I came across this one. The seller wants $100 for it, and says it's in good condition, with the only downside being that some of the foot pedals don't work. Does anyone know what model it is? Also, would it be a better or worse purchase compared to a Kimball L200 that I'm also considering that is $65?
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    Don't walk away from this one - run. It's a VERY old one, maybe a Rhapsody, Serenade or Artist mode from the late 1950s. It will NOT be in good condition, whatever the seller says. Those faulty pedals are just the start, probably!

    Golden rule. NEVER buy a faulty organ unless you know that 1) you can fix it yourself 2) all the parts are available and 3) it won't cost more than the organ is worth.
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      Thanks so much! I will DEFINITELY not purchase this organ. I don't have a huge budget for buying my first organ, so thank you so much for the warning!