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Allen MDC-31 Organ - free

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    Allen MDC-31 Organ - free

    I tried posting this in the classifieds:
    but it only lets me post 5 pictures and it won't let me put in a reply to post more.

    We need to get my mom's Allen MDC-31 out of the house.

    I believe that the organ was bought new by my dad in 1981 for about $8,000 (I found the original receipt, but not sure where it is now).

    I had looked into getting it repaired, but the nearest repairman is too far away, and he charges the full hourly repair rate plus mileage to travel (not knocking him, it just isn't worth it for us).

    If you think you can repair it, or if you can use it for parts to bring other organs back to life (would that make it an organ doner?), it's free for the taking.

    You will need to bring muscle and a moving dolly. It's a straight shot to the front door, down 2 steps onto the lawn then about 30 feet to the street.

    The organ is located in Stamford, CT.

    The organ is not working. Several of the terminals on the power supply are showing voltages that are much too low.

    Additionally, there is a broken wire that we are not sure about.

    The organ worked fine the last time dad used it. It has only seen home use, and other than the issues that affect it working, it is in excellent condition.

    You can read everything I have posted about it in these threads:

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              The Allen organ is gone, and not to the dumpster or parts bin!

              A fellow came up from Pennsylvania with organ dollies (boy THOSE make the job easier!) and took it away tonight.

              Mom's smiling.