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What's so great about the Wurlitzer 4300?

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    I think you will find that the 4300 up to the 4520 is Electrostatic, it was a sad day when Wurlitzer stopped using electrostatic. this is why the sound was so fantastic.


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      I think you will find that the 4300 up to the 4520 is Electrostatic
      I think the 4300 and up are all use transitors and oscillators. The 10-20 years before that it was tubes and oscillators, then before that was the electrostatic versions.
      THen at some point in the late 70s, then started dabling in digital stuff..... too little too late.

      My 4520 is definetly oscilators and transitors. and about 100 miles of wire


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        The earlier electrostatics did have a sound all of their own, for sure, but the later tube based models or the solid state ones like the 4300 had their own, warm analogue sound.

        As HP just said, the electrostatic models were many years before the 4300.
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          Wow, this really takes me back. I got my start in organ repair with Wurlitzer and Yamaha organs in the mid-70s. I worked for a dealer who sold both brands, and I remember thinking that if it weren't for Wurlitzer organs, I wouldn't have a job. Yamaha organs rarely had problems, but Wurlitzers kept me busy.


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            I just brought home a 4300 DR Wurlitzer. I was not disappointed. Maybe people love it because the sound is rich like cheese cake. I sure like the sounds and the spectra tone choices.