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Distorted/buzzy sounds on Wurlitzer 950

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  • Distorted/buzzy sounds on Wurlitzer 950

    I have a Wurlitzer 950 that is making a distoted/buzzy type sound on the straight channels. It does it at any volume so I dont think it is a speaker issue. Anyone got any idea what it may be?

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    #1. Try pressing the full/low volume switch in and out a few times. If you've never used it, it's under the keydesk at the treble end next to the headphone jack. If the contacts get tarnished, they can cause weird clippy distortion.
    #2. Switch off the presence modulator by putting the appropriate tabs down. The complex voices will now be thin, but might be clean. If so, the problem is likely to be in the presence modulator. Two versions were made, the earlier one with the Panasonic ICs is more prone to distortion and noise problems.
    #3. With the presence modulator on, the complex voices are amplified through the main channel and both presence channels, while the reverb output also goes through the Leslie. If you listen around the speaker grille, you can hear the output of the different channels from the different drive units. Are they all bad, including the reverb sound from the Leslie and the one in the treble end of the console?

    What is your level of electronic troubleshooting experience? Are you familiar with using a multimeter or reading a schematic? Do you have the service manual? The problem could be anything from bad capacitors to faulty analog switch ICs to ripple on the DC supplies.