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Rodgers 321 Trio Toy Counter....Wiring

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  • Rodgers 321 Trio Toy Counter....Wiring

    My Rodgers 321 has Cymbal and Bass Drum stops on the pedal rail. They do not work, I have found 2 wires ran thru a hole down by the pedal circuit main board. One is Violet the other brown.
    I have looked at my service manual and cannot locate where they go. When touching the Brown wire the cymbal works.
    Question is where do the wires attach too?

    Thanks in advance......

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    I have a Trio 321C so I took a look. I couldn't find a violet or brown wire running through my pedal PCB. I'll describe my 321C investigation and hope it helps with your 321.

    Looking at the Trio 321B/C schematics, the percussion stops use a single "Pedal Trap" wire from the Pedal Board (bused cathodes of D34 on Drawing 1592) to the "Pedal Key Down" input #2 on the Rhythm Board (R226 on Drawing 1559E). I found a white or light grey wire that runs from Pedal Board D34 cathodes to Rhythm Board R226. Input #2 is etched on the PCB solder side. If this line was broken the pedals would not be able to do percussion.

    I'm using the schematics in the Rodgers Trio 321B/C service manual in the Gallery. The 2014 PDF is broken. I fixed the PDF and put it in my personal gallery: check the Gallery's "latest additions".


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      Hi John
      Thanks for taking the time to look. I got it repaired. Now I have a 100 % working unit....Till next time...LOL...
      All the best.......