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Which theater digital organ brand will be terminated next?

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  • Which theater digital organ brand will be terminated next?

    With continuing low annual sales , this could happen.

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    You really are Mr. Doom&Gloom of the organ building industry, aren't you!

    As far as I know there are only two manufacturers of digital theatre organs: Allen and Walker. I suspect Walker would fold before Allen. I'm not expecting either to fold very soon.


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      The only 'grain of truth' in the OP is that most, if not all, of said digital theatre organs are sold to well-heeled retired folk, and they won't live forever. Their spouse will then put their organ on the (already limited) market and some may be sold to individuals who *could* buy a new one, but will settle for an almost-new A or W theatre organ at a greatly reduced price. So the 'business plan' for new theatre organs may be weak- perhaps that's one of the reasons why Rodgers/Roland exited that market.


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        Rodgers last digital TO model was the 360 and it was underwhelming. I heard that the non-traditional look of a LCD control panel in the back rail was a deal breaker for the purists. Regardless, sales were low and they could not compete with the more authentic sounding and looking models from Allen. It turns out they couldn't profitably compete with Allen in the church organ arena, either, hence the Roland sell-off.

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      It took Allen quite a long time to get to a TO stop list that was even close to a well unified theatre pipe organ. Rodgers didn't even do that with the 360, and they added the weird chicklet switches on the straight rail--it's like they didn't want to try.