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Free Conn theatre spinet model ID?

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  • Free Conn theatre spinet model ID?


    Came across this organ for free around an hour away. I'm pretty sure it's a Conn theatre-style spinet. Maybe a 552? It's free at a church, just wondering if it's worth my while. Is it similar in function to the Baldwin CT-2R that I had to pass on?

    Here's the only picture there is:

    Click image for larger version

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    P.S. If there's a problem with me posting these "id" threads, please let me know.

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    Yep, definitely a 552 Theatrette. If it all works, it's a decent sounding spinet, but all the issues with Conns of that vintage (early 70s) discussed in the Forum apply.
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      Looks clean and probably well cared for. Definitely better than the old Baldwin you were considering. There may be some issues but at least the technology behind it is more accessible.
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        Nice sounding organ. Doesn't have the pretty percussion etc that the Baldwin has, but the theatre sound is better, IMHO. Issues? As twnelson said, they've all been discussed many times here, but the biggie is the vinyl keying rods giving problems. Everything else in there is fixable.

        If you try it, check the reed and string voices on every note on upper and lower manuals. If they don't play, or are scratchy, then it's the keying rods, so read through the many threads on the subject. I've come across 1970s Conns that are still working just fine, so it's not a universal problem.

        Get a good 552 (or its even better 3 manual sibling, the 580) and you have a very nice theatre spinet!
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