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Baldwin Cinema 2 - help..

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  • Baldwin Cinema 2 - help..

    I need an organ tech's help at this point in fixing my Baldwin Cinema 2.

    I had the help of a retired organ tech friend, but he told me that it would require testing various voltages here and there, and it might be an FET..

    The organ is nearly completely functional.
    It's possible the problem might be on the Reed filter board, or an open ground .. no idea.

    I get a popping noise when I play any UM key. All the stops sound ok.. If I play a key [with or without a stop selected], I hear a 'pop' noise, followed by a soft Piano sound for that note from the Fantom Fingers. Also, if I play more than one bass pedal I hear those notes softly even without bass stops being selected.

    If I select any of the 4 preset pistons, everything sounds normal.. no popping, etc. I only have this issue when not using the presets.. and it's only on the UM and bass.

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I am not skilled in troubleshooting. If someone were to coach me, it would need to be presented in a very elementary way. [Place VOM lead pos. 'here', and 'neg' there, etc.]

    If there's anyone near Phoenix, Arizona, I live 100 miles north of there. [I'd even cook a meal for you!]. I have no money to speak of, but I might be able to provide some gas money to come here if possible.

    I'm open for ideas.. since I cannot fix this problem myself.
    Thank you...
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