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Rodgers 340 Theatre Organ

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  • Rodgers 340 Theatre Organ

    Looking for any information on the Rodgers 340. What kind of options did they have? I've found 3 and they all have different options. I'll call them expression pedals, 2 or 3. Toe studs and no toe studs. How does it sound? Known problems? Anything you can think of. What would you pay for one?


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    As for price, this has come up. See this thread.
    But don;t count on that information from 10 years ago. Prices all over the map, mostly down. I got my 340 for free and I know a person who got his for close to that -- in mint condition, unused for 35 years.

    It's a great organ if you can find one. I'm having fun learning to restore mine. See

    As for models. my understanding is this. 80 of them sold. 40 were stock from one of three configurations, typically which additional ranks were present (e.g. 32' stop added or not. The other 40 were more customized with extended cabinets. etc. I think can find some details in the service manual for the 3 stock configurations.

    I hope that helps


    Eric Mack
    Rodgers 340 S/N 34341
    Los Angeles, CA


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      Thanks for the reply Eric

      I had read that thread . Just had to laugh at it. Also came across your sight when searching on the 340. All the ones I've found are asking around 5000. Didn't think they were worth that much. Not having any luck so far finding a deal.


      • Eric Mack
        Eric Mack commented
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        Well there aren't many in existence. So, people either toss them or expect a fortune for them. They would make a great console for VTPO. I'm choosing to stay analog for now to learn to repair and to learn how all of this works. Thanks to this forum I have learned a lot already. I just need to learn to play. :-)