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Rodgers 321 Theater organ good for classical home practice?

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  • Rodgers 321 Theater organ good for classical home practice?


    An inexpensive Rodgers 321 might be coming my way if I jump for it. The catch - I'm purely a classical player, but I'm really searching for an affordable 3-manual for regular home practice.

    Secretly, I adore theatre organ, but I don't PLAY any.

    Does anyone have one, or have experience with one, and can tell me if I would be hideously disappointed, or if it would be perfectly enjoyable for practice? I'm NOT looking to be able to duplicate flawless plenum sounds or French reeds - when I practice, I keep the registration very simple. But I've never heard or seen one of these in person, so I have no idea what it would really be like.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Rodgers 321 Theater organ good for classical home practice?

    Hi Damin,

    Do you know if it's an actual 321 or perhaps a 321A, B or C? Although the stoplists are similar for the Trio 321 family I think there's a lot of difference in the sound, keyboards, etc. Some of the early ones have fairly nice wood core keyboards as does my 322, the later ones such as my 321B have all plastic keys. The one thing they do have in common is that although they do have 32 note radiating and concave pedalboards none of them are true AGO. None of them have any couplers and I'm guessing that the selection of pedal stops might be a lot different than you're used to. I appreciate classical organ but I'm purely a theatre organ style player so I can't comment on how satisfying the registrations could be for classical pieces. My 321B has some nice strings and reeds for an older analog instrument and of course the tibias are quite nice as are the tremulants on this model. It's also got a nice Posthorn [<:o)] From what I've been able to figure out the 321B and 321C are almost the same, the C having a Kinura instead of an Oboe. If a stoplist or picture would be of any value to you I could send or point you to some of those.

    If at all possible I'd suggest playing it unless you can get the opinion of one of the folks on this forum that's had the opportunity to actually try some classical registrations on a 321. Of course, having a theatre organ in your house may open up some new adventures in playing [;)] If it's that inexpensive how can you go wrong? Other than the effort (they're not light) or cost of moving it you could always resell it if you're not satisfied after living with it for a while.

    Over the years I have seen a number of inexpensive Rodgers two manual classical organs for sale but not a lot of three manual classical models.

    I really enjoy my 321B and I'm interested in seeing what other responses you'll get to your question.

    Keep us posted and if you do get a chance to play it or you end up getting it let us know what you think.



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