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Hammond Regent pedalboard useable on B/C models?

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    Hammond Regent pedalboard useable on B/C models?

    I've got a trio of Hammonds (BC, C3 and M100) and being in Australia, parts and such aren't as plentiful as they are stateside.

    What we do have in spades are Regents and other solid state models.

    The BC never came with the pedals and the C3 pedals went missing when we moved the shop so I'm curious as to whether the board from say, a Regent 4072 would be of the same dimensions as the original pedalboards? From what I can see they look almost identical and it's easier to find a Regent for $50 than it is finding an original pedalboard for a reasonable price.

    I'm prepping them for sale (possibly keep for backline hire) and also using them to develop a way to salvage foam destroyed manuals so I want to try and get the pedals with them for completion sake.

    I'm not absolutely sure about this, so don't go buying one before the real Hammond guys chime in on this. But I'm pretty sure I heard along the way that all the Hammond 25 note pedalboards are the same, and will fit any console Hammond.

    Too bad we are so far apart - I have one from a Concorde sitting here.
    Regards, Larry

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      I'm interested to hear what you're doing with the manuals.

      I'm 98% sure the pedals will transfer right over with zero or minor modifications...the mods would be around the trim area.

      Where are you located? Geoff Williamson (Doppler Audio) in Mirboo North, Victoria, has pedals and would probably let you look at a set to template any necessary changes.


        My belief is the back trim part is wider on the Concorde/Regent era of organs, so you would have to cut some off on the right hand side to make the pedals fit in the B/C series.