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    As several have already suggested, open the cage and remove the EG-1 card in slot 6. The stops might then be at the correct level 100% of the time, and that would prove that the EG-1 is at fault. That one board is the only thing I see in the cage chart that is common to all the affected voices, at least with a casual look at it. There could be something else in common, such as the AP board, or some external device, such as a Trem generator or amplifier, but the EG-1 is a very likely suspect and easy to check. The organ will play without it, but the attacks and decays will be "Hammond-like" instead of pipe-like.

    You need to seek out and read all the threads on the forum about routine service on ADC organs. Your organ is 30 or 35 years old, and likely has never had the cage opened or any kind of serious maintenance. After all this time, there are pots with dead spots, sockets in the backplane could be corroded, and every RCA plug/jack union could be making poor contact. A good dose of Vaseline (or your favorite electronic cleaner/lubricant) will work wonders. Amplifier volume knobs may need to be sprayed with WD-40 or another solvent/lube and exercised to clean them up and make them reliable. You have quite a lot of potential work to do, but after routine maintenance, if there isn't anything truly wrong with a board, your organ will be as good as new.

    I totally understand how difficult it is to pull a big console away from the wall and do work behind it. I'm having the same trouble right now at my house!
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      Amplifier knob turned out to be the culprit. But please check out my other thread in the post below

    Moving my updates on this topic to this thread

    I have had my ADC 3500 for a few months now, and a couple weeks ago, I lost proper functioning of 21 of my stops/voices – this issue is discussed in the following thread: Likely culprit is suspected to be the EG
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      While complete updates can be found on the link in the above comment, just wanted to finish off this thread with the fact that the major issue was resolved - seems as though all the affected voices were going through the S-100 amp, and exercising the volume knob (marked Gain) brought the stops back to "normal" but the Tibias were still out of balance - too soft on ACC or too loud on SOLO. Adjusted Pots on the TG card for the SOLO Tibias turning down the Gain Pot, as it was maxed. This brought the SOLO Tibias in line with the ACC Tibias. This was mostly the focus of this thread. There are a couple of other things fixed, and a few annoying things I couldn't figure out how to fix, but if you're curious about that you can read the tail-end of the other thread.
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        Based on your last post, it appears you would like to close this thread to further postings and concentrate on the other thread. Please send me a Private Message if you'd like for me to re-open this thread.

        I'm glad your problem was solved, and that we could help.