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Rodgers 321 Trio Lighting Questions

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    Rodgers 321 Trio Lighting Questions

    Hello all,
    So I am now the proud owner of a Rodgers Trio 321. I got it from John Vanderlee. Everything plays great (had to clean a few key contacts and one stop contact). My questions have to do with the various light bulbs.

    It looks like this one uses the same incandescent bulbs for the stop rail and music desk. The stop rail has 8 out of 10 burned out, and the music desk is missing several, and the rest are burned out. However, there is a break in the wiring feeding the music desk, so there is no power getting to it. I disconnected it for now. So, right now, I need 8 bulbs for the stop rail. Does anyone know what they are? I measured 26 volts DC at the source, which seemed unusual.

    Both pedal lights are out too. The solder joints between the wires and the sockets are bad, and one socket is completely broken. I don't really want to mess with trying to rig them up. Are there any puck style pedal lights you'd recommend?

    I've spent a lot of time playing it today. Definitely a lot of fun. I'm glad I chose to pursue this one. I can tell it's well made, and should last me a while. The next steps after the light bulbs will be tuning it, and seeing about possibly those bass pre-emphasis resistors to try to brighten it up a tad.


    Rodgers used the #19 G3.5 14V bulb for its music racks and probably for the stop rail. The 26 volts makes sense because they wired two of the bulbs in series, so each got 13V for increased lamp life. See: https://www.jacksonelectricsupply.co...SABEgIt1_D_BwE

    See this post regarding the bass emphasis: https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...uestions/page3


      Jon, check the brown lamp cord that goes from the music desk to some slip-on tabs under the top cover. They go to a 24/26? volt source and the bulbs are connected in series in pairs, so some may actually be good. I may inadvertently have left the connectors off.
      Glad you enjoyed playing it, and happy that it has a good home!
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        I got the lighting figured out. Turns out I wasn't taking into account the series wiring. Once I get a few more bulbs for the music desk, it will really look awesome. As it is, the stop rail is fully lit, and I have 8 out of 20 bulbs in the music desk. Look at that stop rail glow! Looks great.