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Rodgers 321B Combination Action Resets When Organ is Turned Off

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  • Rodgers 321B Combination Action Resets When Organ is Turned Off

    I have been having to resave my piston registrations on my Rodgers Trio every time I turn it on. The pistons save the registrations and recall them fine when the organ stays on, but the moment it is switched off, and then back on, the pistons are either blank or have previous registrations. I can play for 2 hours and they recall fine, but as soon as I turn off the organ, whether for 12 hours or 10 seconds, they no longer recall when turned back on.

    This is one of the later models with the 8 blind programmable generals, however the Rodgers manual only mentions the early model with the 5 factory presets.
    It has been suggested that a battery might need replaced, but I wanted to inquire here before opening the console up and trying to find a battery.

    Thank you very much.

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    The schematic and tech description indicates batteries are used to hold the memory. See page 1 of 4 of the programmable presets circuit diagram, lower left hand corner. It indicates 2 batteries of 2 volts each--it you open the organ you can read what the existing batteries are and get equivalents. The manual indicates the circuits are located on the inner rack, lower left hand corner.

    If you don't have the manual, it is here: https://organforum.com/gallery/displ..._display_media

    Select image 4 of 4, and when the placeholder appears, double click on it.


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      What a resource you are, Toodles! Thank you for sharing so much of your expertise on the Forum.


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    Thank you very much. The new batteries were installed yesterday afternoon and seem to be working fine. Thank you for the excellent suggestion and help. Please do not think I was ungrateful, just waiting until the batteries were installed and I did not have any other questions before hand. Thank you so much. Now on to the next problem that has cropped up in the past week.... Things only ever seem to go wrong when a visitor is coming. Thank you.