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  • Conn 522

    Have had this organ over 40 years and got away from playing it. Last night sat down and rhythm unit would not beat. Any suggestions what to do

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    Welcome to the Forum, Rosemary!

    I once sat down at a disused Conn, and found that exercising the stop switches eventually helped. While you're waiting for better advice than I've given, you may try that to see if it helps.

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      I guess you meant a 552 rather than 522, as there doesn't appear to be a Conn with that model number. Could be almost anything given the age of the organ - it came out in 1972 and was replaced by the 553 a few years later. A photo would help if you're not 100% sure of the model.

      Prime suspect might be the volume slider - electronic organs absolutely hate not being used, so exercise it quite a bit and see if that does anything. If it partially comes back it can be given a squirt of Caig De-Oxit Fader Lube. Nothing else will do - don't use regular contact cleaner. You'll probably find a few other issues arising from a lengthy period of non-use, key and stop contacts being perhaps the obvious ones - and Conns have well-known issues as they age.

      Could be that the rhythm section isn't getting any power, or perhaps there's a fault in the audio path from the rhythm section to the amplifier.

      Diagnosis at a distance is tricky, it's a bit like phoning your garage and asking why your car's engine is running a bit rough.
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