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Conn Model 645 Bass Pedals removal

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  • Conn Model 645 Bass Pedals removal

    We have a Conn Deluxe Model 645 Deluxe Theater organ that needs to be moved and would like to know how the bass pedals are removed. Is it as simple as lifting the console a little off the floor one one side at a time and sliding them out?

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    No, don't move the console - the pedalboard lifts out of it.

    With someone on each side of the pedalboard, carefully lift the front (console) end by the side boards approx. 3/4" or so and slide it straight back from console. You'll see the 'hooks' on each side of the front end of the pedalboard that engage large cast pins on the inside of the console opening. That should give you a good idea of how the setup works.

    Reverse the process to reinstall it after the move. Always try to keep the front level and be sure to lift it high enough when reinserting, otherwise you may catch one or more of the actuators on the pedal ends on the pedal generator contact actuator tabs under the console.

    --- Tom
    Rodgers 660 with additional analog rack sets (practice), 36D/C in digital conversion, Yamaha CVP-107


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      Thank you so much for the reply Tom. We'll give it a go and let you know how things turn out.



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        Wanted to let you know that removing the pedalboard from our Model 645 was a breeze thanks to your instructions. At least now we won't keep tripping over the bass pedals! Seems we can't even give away this working organ. Guess we'll just keep listing it on Craigslist...."If you can move it, it's yours."

        Thanks again for your input.