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Building a great Electronic Toy Counter add on

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  • Building a great Electronic Toy Counter add on

    I've heard some of the great toy counter sounds and envied them with the limited Toy Counter sounds on my Rodgers 321 home Theatre Organ. I found some excellent reviews were made for a Toy Counter add on made by Cinnamon Hill Art (see Youtube) but I cannot find them. Since then I have found that the "heart" of this counter is now readily available, known as an MP3 trigger available from Spark Fun, so you can build it easily. with some electronic knowledge. Does anyone know where I can source the brilliant MP3 Toy Counter sounds or direct me to where I can source same - Thanks Lindsay

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    If it's just triggering short mp3 clips, the world is your oyster, as there are probably millions out there for free or for pennies. Whether you'd find the exact Wurlitzer toy counter sounds, I couldn't say, though I expect someone may have recorded them.

    But when it comes to things like a train whistle, Acme horn, siren etc, I'm sure you'll be able to locate them and probably excellent examples of the real things. You could conceivably create a custom toy counter with a mix of traditional Wurlitzer and 'new' sounds.

    A few of my students have keyboards that will allow mp3 clips to be triggered from 'Multipads', which gives them a toy counter. They've added all sorts of sounds into their pieces. The sheet music for one tune actually said 'Rocket blast off sounds', so that's what was sourced and added in. Waves and surf were used in 'Bali Hai'.

    And given today's date, my own keyboard has its own built in SFX section, again triggered from Multipads, so I'll be digging into the selection called 'Horror'. Creaky doors, eerie footsteps, evil laughter, screams and so on.

    So maybe think outside the box when building this and consider what Mr W might have put in the toy counter if he'd had today's technology. Have fun!
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      Thanks Moderator, search begins.

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    This is a short YouTube video of a genuine Wurlitzer toy counter being tested. The audio is terrible, but I at least now know what you are aiming at. How many of these sounds do you wish to find?
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    Is that enough?


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      Hi, the hardware is limited to 19 but can be extended to 255, with programming (beyond me), but 19 favourites should be plenty. Thanks

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    I'd be willing to take some audio equipment with me the next time I work on the Wurlitzer I take care of. Will not be able to get around to it for at least a month as the theatre is currently booked up with other events. We unfortunately do not have an all original toy counter, it is mostly Arndt equipment but still does the job. If you are unable to find any high quality samples I will gladly lend a hand! Here is our stoplist for reference: https://pipeorgandatabase.org/stoplist/448