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    Originally posted by Dr.Spectratone View Post
    OK Dell, The Mormons are evil, Hypocritical Demon worshipers!

    The fact that they oppose Lesbian and Gay activism is proof! LGTgBi... M..oo..uuu...sss...eeee.... or whatever abbreviations people want to be called by...are all kind people with superior morals and their political machinations should never be opposed regardless of an examination of the issues. These Mormons have odd beliefs. Probably the ONLY organized religion to hold beliefs in spite of scientific fact in opposition to them.... Really! Further they are the only organized church that has scheming, power hungry criminals in positions of authority. All the rest of the religious groups have kind, generous and upstanding leaders who would never seek a political agenda or to line their own pockets.

    (the rolling eyes smiley goes right here folks!)

    Do I really have to read all the Mormongate papers to understand Organ 101? Can't I just play my organ?

    Just screwin with ya bro...it is all just words...Peace 2 ya!
    So Dr. Spectratone, you agree with their homophobia, but not their former racism and polygamy, and you think that because ALL religions are evil that the Mormon's are no worse? Or was that previous post sarcasm also? I think if ALL religions are evil (and they probably are at some levels), become agnostic or atheist...some of the most ethical people are atheists because they don't have this weird notion that they can get away with sin and then just ask forgiveness every Sunday. Frankly, to the best of my knowledge, most churches are just political and financial institutions claiming to do (some) god's bidding. I don't buy that line.

    And yes, any church that tries to take away basic civil rights or equal freedoms from non-members in another state IS evil!! (PS your insinuation that GLBT's are not as moral and ethical as straights is also laughable, as is your gay slur (moussee?)) Go back to redneck-ville where they think like you!).

    It is all just words -- but words with real meaning instead of flippant thoughtless drivel. Have a terrific day!


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      Dr. Prescribes a chill pill.

      Dell...Stop taking me seriously!

      M o u s e ...after confusing abbreviations is a snarky reference to the Mickey mouse show of the 50's. I was making fun of the alphabet soup that organizations use. It doesn't mean I am anti Gay...just anti abbreviations. Ok, it might mean that I really think Annete was cute way before those terrible beach movies...How did you get Anti gay from THAT? Please explain the train of though...I need some help as I can see no connection. Later tonight I will be drinking heavily I can try again then. I suggest the same for you..or..whatever means of contemplation and reflection you see fit. Go have some fun.. it is friday night after all.

      I don't agree with anyones racism, homophobia, etc... and I don't think religions are evil. Atheists and agnostics can be nice people too...

      I am against any group being singled out and derided. Including you...er...whatever affiliations you wish to claim. Calling me a redneck just because I live in TX is well...not just hurtful and prejudicial but inaccurate. Let me assure you I don't even own a cowboy hat or pickup truck. of course...having a pickup would be awesome for transporting sick organs around, and some of those rednecks have some REALLY awesome barbecues, and mind you Those rednecks can really party, not too crazy about the manure kickin music and the dancing in flannel and boots.. but I digress again.

      My words have meaning. Terribly sorry if you don't quite get the meaning. Please don't substitute your own conclusions. In this case you were not correct. How FAR off the mark you are...is pretty funny actually. So...lets just figuratively have a good laugh about it and move on. I tip my hat to you sir and will continue to defend your right to say anything you darn well feel like saying. Even if you are calling me names.. (me? a Redneck? that is funny!) You rock!

      Now can we please talk about Organ stuff? I am seriously trying to get good enough to play at gay marriages. Can I play that on an M3?


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        Originally posted by Dr.Spectratone View Post
        Dell...Stop taking me seriously! ...
        OK! Mickey Mouse? LOL. Thank goodness he has a sense of humor. No, I did not understand your references. I've only been to Disneyland about 2 dozen times and well, Mickey's not my thing. And no, I don't do drugs or alcohol. I'm quite a bit happier sober thank you very much anyway!

        BTW, I didn't even notice you were from Texas when I mentioned going back to 'redneck-ville', so it was not intended to imply that YOU were a redneck, only that the ideas you expressed appeared to be anti-GLBTQ (see, I can spell it!) because somehow I got the misimpression that you were making light of the anti-Prop 8 political activism of the LDS church. I have a feeling that you would take it a lot more seriously if Gays were trying to pass laws that outlawed straight marriage.

        Fortunately most people (at least those like you and I) don't really care a rats ass whether GLBTQ can live in committed relationships (rather than sleep around or shack up), but the LDS church cared so much they spent millions to fund campaigning for a law to prevent use of a religiously and civil loaded word ('marriage') and the rights that go with it. That discriminatory, unconstitutional, law passed in California, by 52%. 52% with the LDS and Catholic church running full tilt against it like their lives depend on it (heaven knows, the Catholic church has better things to worry about in the sexuality line, but I digress).

        But for that campaigning and carpetbagging, I have stopped patronizing the LDS - I can't stop their political scheming, but I don't need to help fund their war chests.

        PS just to be contrary, we will have to agree to disagree about many religions being evil. They can be. But I have say, I have never met an evil atheist, and even if I had, it would not make religion more sensible or less fraught with human politics and finance.


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          Viva Las Vegas!

          OK Dell... First of all you rock!

          Second...I totally respect your abstinence from drugs and alcohol. it explains our miscommunication. I employ references, commonalities, or memes that are common amongst....well...the less sober amongst us. It is the company we keep and the life we choose. However I plan to be there in heaven....eventually... here's to seein ya there!

          Only been to Disney 2 dozen times? World or land? hec. I used to go to Anaheim all the time. Great fun.

          And yea, the freaking alphabet soup abbreviation thing is just too much for my poor tired brain. I totally Zone out when abbreviations are used.

          No....I got nothing against Gays! They are GREAT! I used to live in the Lavender section of Sacramento and then in Long Beach. Hell, I got my but kicked good defending a kid against bashers back in the Sac. twelve stitches worth, no biggie. Do it again in a heartbeat. You shouda SEEN it. I was drunk as a skunk sittin on my porch and just didn't like 5 on 1 for no reason so I jumped in! Made the papers and everything. Thats why callin me a redneck gives me a chuckle. good times. That was long ago.

          OK, I have to admit that in all honesty...I may be part redneck. The part that works the land...Drinks a lot.. and likes tasty barbecue. forgive me...Texas does things to you. if you lived here...you would understand. Damn it is hot.

          Mormons...yea, I understand you don't want to favor them with your business for your own reasons. fine. I worked with quite a few Mormons and have to say that as individuals they are fine people. The organization that is their church has been known to do some odd things.

          The whole gay marriage thing has been blown out of proportion. Here you are on target. I do not give a rats ass. it is NOT my issue.

          I am neither Gay, nor if I were married would I believe it eroded my relationship with my wife. so...let me count...that is 3 levels of "I don't give a ....." the REAL reason is that insurance companies don't want health and legal benefits to gay spouses and Courts don't want to deal with marrying and then divorcing gay couples. ya see.... in California, family law is based upon the principle that the man looses in a divorce. never mind the case law and the stated law...ask any man who has been through a divorce in CA...they will back me up.

          Now... IF you had two men or two women divorcing...you can see what a difficulty this would present to the simple minded judicial system....They would have to WORK to determine the pertinent issues! This will NOT do! amongst two men a man would win and amongst two women a woman would loose.... The whole system would be in shambles! judges would not know WHAT to do! Attorneys would have to learn the law...judges would have to apply it...just not happening. There are powerful PACS and they get lots of kickbacks. never gonna happen.

          Summation= The Mormons are just a front for the insurance companies and the CA courts, who are lazy. don't hate them...they are just pawns in the REAL game.

          There is the truth my friend...run it down.

          The catholic church is RIDDLED with gay men. To be honest with you... I would think the Catholics would be the first on the gay marriage bandwagon. Get those priests AWAY from the boys. Oh! but Dr.! wouldn't it bother you that your priests were gay? Please! like they aren't already! Get over it! Next thing you are gonna ask me how i feel about letting Gays in the military.......
          Too late...I was IN the military....News flash: Gay men and women have been fighting for this country since before 1776! Wake up folks! Bullets don't care and neither do I! Let em serve with dignity. Put a freakin rainbow on the cross at Arlington if requested by the patriot who gives their all. I don't care! Ok...Showering with gay men does still bother me. This is why I didn't re- up last time and why I gave up my YMCA membership.

          I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about as far as evil atheists....I feel as out of place as a Scientologist at a sensible religion conference....BTW...you wanna talk BatSh#t crazy beliefs...check out Scientology. wheee! i would need a LOT of drugs before that stuff made sense to me! Evil alien spirits from 75 million years ago attaching themselves to host humans and needing "Clearing"

          Again...stop putting thoughts in my head that aren't there. I spend a LOT of money drinking heavily to have NO thoughts. I don't think religions are evil. Religions are the imperfect interpretation of the belief in a perfect infinite being translated through the imperfect mind of finite man. is it really a surprise that none of them are 100% correct? Evil is a long way off... and a matter of intent...not mistake.

          ya know that "heavens Gate" cult thought that comets were really UFO's that transported human souls to heaven. It is incredible what some people take on faith.

          hey...wait a second...weren't we talking about Organ stuff there....Oh yea....Back on point! About freaking time! listen Buddy, you wanna REALLY hurt em? make a competing software that costs less. I know for a fact Mormons back away from a software fight. Word perfect was sooo much better but did they push it? Noooooo.... We all use Word or Office. Hec...More people use Neo than WP at this point. Why> Because Mormons can't fight worth Spit! i love em dearly but they are as useless in combat as a French politician or an attack beagle.

          All for now...Make it so...Over and out....


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            Dude, you are preachin' to the choir! I would go even farther to state that many of the good parts of our democratic western civilization as we know it might not even exist without the positive, and sometimes even crucial to survival, contributions of Gay men and women (I know this statement sounds dramatic, I would not have believed it if you had told me 10 years ago, but it is true unless you believe in fatalistic determinism rather than the fickleness that often seems to lead historical events). How have we paid them back? By criminalizing them! (e.g. Alan Turing, Oscar Wilde, etc)

            But bravo, and very well said. Thanks for standing up against the bashers (that kind of behavior says more than any number of 'some of my best friends are...' (fill in the blank). If you lived in the lavender area of Sacramento and also in Long Beach, then you definitely are aware that there are more inclusive ways to BE in the world. Once your mind has been so expanded, you will NEVER be a true Redneck again -- it's like traveling to Europe at least once will cure you of Americo-centric egotism that everything worthwhile was invented here (we may have saved them from Naziism, but they still have WAY more cultural history that we can share and learn from). Live and let Live, Do Unto Others, these are the only sensible ways for people to 'just get along' in a diverse world (that frankly, is losing far too much diversity in my opinion, but I digress).

            I have known fantastic mormon people, and I really admire the way they prepare for the coming troubles and tribulations and their non-smoking, non-drinking health habits (which I share). However...my beef has NEVER been with everyday church members of any church! Some of the nicest, most naive, saintly people are dedicated church members. My complaint about religion is that these well-meaning people are lulled by cunning leaders into doing some really atrocious things in the name of "god" by their leaders, most of which have EXACTLY the same leadership and financial management strategies that worldly political and financial institutions have, only somewhat more polluted by fuzzy thinking and personality cult, all to the detriment of the hard earned money regularly donated by the faithful (the latter of which I usually have no problem). Religions and religious practices have been the pretext for wars and inquisitions longer than written history so no need to belabor that point here, except to add that some Religions are more obnoxious than others in the way they steamroll non-members. (Most of them steamroll their own member's individuality and free thought.)

            With that, I conclude this diatribe against the LDS and other organized formal religions which claim direct access to the specifics "god's will" for the world, including the secular world.

            Back to topic of organ lessons (virtual or otherwise): In this case, I think it means save the money you would have contributed to an evil organization and spend it on a real live breathing instructor! There is no comparison, I can assure you (and in the case of Houston, I guarantee there are some excellent living instructors!) . Vote your conscience with your dollars and enjoy life!


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              I started reading this thread because I am interested in organ playing. Current publications that I purchased a month ago are a three volume set called "The Church Organist a new method" by Christopher Tambling, 2009, published by Kevin Mayhew (kevinmayhew.com) in England. Volume 1 is called The technique of organ playing. Vol 2, Repertoire, and Vol 3 Improvisation. The books do not push ideology (except, of course, in the sense that specific hymns, pedagogy, etc are always imbued with ideology). The publications are well edited, very systematic, and well made physically in landscape format. If you have a reasonable piano background, you should be able to make good progress through these books. The books cost me $50.00 each in Melbourne, which I think is fine (each costing two face-to-face lessons). The footing technique in these books does centre on a full pedal board, which is not the case on most suburban church organs, in my experience.
              Perhaps we should spend some time developing advice on how to play pedals with hymns on "13 pedals", for once the first puff of steam is released on this topic, it is a little more challenging than most people think.
              I hope to hear from you all.