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Triumphs & Trials of an Organ Builder Available in Kindle Edition

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  • Triumphs & Trials of an Organ Builder Available in Kindle Edition

    Jerome Markowitz, the late founder and president of Allen Organ recounts his history in the field. This is not a new book, but it's the first time I've seen it in a Kindle edition and the first time for under $4.00!

    It's in the Books & Music section of the Organ Forum Store (click the Store tab at the top of the page) for easy ordering and fulfillment by Amazon.

    Items purchased from Amazon through our store contribute to the operation of the Organ Forum.

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    I have the hardback, but will buy the Kindle edition too. Thanks for the heads-up!
    R, Bill Miller


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      I have the hardback version and its a good read. Does this have new material that was not in the previous edition?
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        Jerome Markowitz (Allen) Book Again Available

        For those of you interested in Allen history, particularly their development of the digital organ:
        As part of Allen's 75th anniversary, they have republished Jerome Markowitz's book "Triumphs & Trials of an Organ Builder"


        I also happened to find this little article


        Wonder what were the "nonmusical operations"?
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          Thanks for sharing the articles and information on the book. I think nonmusical operations might be their computer logic board processing. I seem I remember I found that information somewhere on their website. It also might be on a YouTube video somewhere.

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            Jerome Markowitz's book gives an interesting insite into the electronic organ world. The book is quite an interesting read about the development of the Allen organ company. A few years ago I was involved in obtaining an organ f or Proctor's theatre in Schenectady NY. Allen took the organ committee on a tour and demonstration at the factory. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the factory and the attitude of the employees. We ended up with a Wurlitzer pipe organ instead of the Allen due to the problem of not being able to use enough speakers to fill the large auditorium with sound.

            I also met Lawrence Phelps and Dwight Beachum both of whom were at Allen at the time.

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