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New Digital Pipe Organ builder in the Eastern USA

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  • New Digital Pipe Organ builder in the Eastern USA

    Here is a new digital pipe organ builder that services New England and the Eastern USA, Plenum Organ Company: http://plenumorgans.com

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    I certainly wish him well in a VERY tough market with less than 800 new church/classical organs sold in the entire USA last year. Perhaps he can do what others like Verdin couldn't do. I certainly like his idea of a very large audio system.


    • Nutball
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      How did you come across the number 800?

    • beel m
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      From Arie V, posting the Music Trades info a few months ago: "For Institutional organ, the number is pretty depressing. The number for year 2018 was 720 units, down from 790 units in 2017 (820 in 2016). That represents a 9% decline, year to year. Going over the statistics, institutional organ sales have gone down year over year for 2 decades."

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    Good luck. So you are 17 years old?


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      Originally posted by ridefree View Post
      Good luck. So you are 17 years old?
      Yes and five years of experience doing visual effects and computer development for television before that ?
      Neil Jenson 'Connoisseur' 3/35 VTPO. Gulbransen Rialto II.
      Building a full set of WERSI W3 voice filters and designing new Hammond X-66 voice filters for a new MIDI controlled organ.
      Various Leslie speaker projects including 'Rotosonic' L102, L103, L212S and building a new L122 cabinet.


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        Allow me to be clear about this...this enterprise is building digital simulations of pipe organs....there is no pipes apart from sampled sounds that originated with pipes.Calling them "digital pipe organs" is a misnomer at best.

        Rick in VA


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          Come on. Cut the kid some slack. He is not the first and will not be the last to call a digital organ a 'digital pipe organ'. I mean ... VPO ... what do you imagine the 'P' is for? Your point is taken but it really wasn't necessary to point out. I'd be real surprised if anyone thought or anyone will think that pipe organs can be built for $8K.


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            Originally posted by beel m View Post
            I certainly wish him well in a VERY tough market
            I wish him well, too. Here in Australia I know of two firms concentrating on custom-built VPO’s, one near Sydney, and the other in Melbourne. But he needs to be well-informed about market opportunities and good business decision-making to avoid problems.
            That a 17-year old has a passion for pipe organ music and the instruments to create such music is a matter we should be very pleased about. We should give him all the encouragement we can, without giving the impression that it will all fall into his lap.

            John Reimer


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              The samples certainly sound excellent on my computer sound system. (A separate receiver/amplifier and two hi-fi speakers--Fisher XP-18 and one I can't read.) The bass is rich and clear.