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A Grand Organ Extravaganza!

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  • A Grand Organ Extravaganza!

    Pipedreams program #2041 features David Briggs, Olivier Latry and Wayne Marshall in concert at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center on the 2006 Dobson organ, and 2 grand pianos from a concert in February 2020.

    The opening number is an exciting improvisation by the three musicians on Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d BWV 565. The program also showcases their improvisational skills in additional numbers by Gershwin, Ellington/Strayhorn, and Beethoven.

    Here is the link:


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    I actually saw that trio at the Royal Albert Hall in London back in 2018. That organ is the most powerful I’ve personally heard, very impressive. The organ at the Kimmel Center is nicer sounding in my opinion, though not as powerful.

    I’m glad the trio is still performing together. I enjoyed the concert quite a lot up until they started improvising :) I felt like the improvisations were not a selling point. They did a two piano and organ improv which, while showing great improvisational skill, was musically pointless and went on about 3X longer than it should have. They also did Rhapsody in Blue with Briggs on the organ and Marshall on piano and Marshall improvised elements in a very contemporary jazz style which I thought really diminished the piece.

    But again it was overall very good and I imagine this one will be even better than what I heard 2 years ago.
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