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  • Sampleset composite St. Sulpice

    After builing a copy from the console St. Sulpice Paris it was my dream to have a good sampleset composite from that organ. See: https://martindenboer.nl/project-replica-saint-sulpice/
    Because I did not found a satisfied composite I gave the order to Mr. Evert-Jan van der Leij to build it for me.

    The composité St. Sulpice Paris that was commissioned to me by Mr. E.J. van der Leij contains all stops and couplers of the organ of the St. Sulpice. After many hours of work it is finished and is composed of the following sample sets:
    1) Caen full version 2.66 Sonus Paradisi
    2) Nancy full version 1.02 Piotr Grabowski
    3) St. Omer Demo (free) Sonus Paradisi
    4) Oleron Demo (free) Piotr Grabowski
    To install the composite SSC it is necessary to install the above organs on your pc with Hauptwerk. This is possible from Hauptwerk version 4.2.1. up to Hauptwerk 6. Furthermore at least 55GB of RAM is required to load the composite.
    The composite SSC is full surround and has a tab with a mixer where you can set pipecoupling and detune and more functions by using the sliders. Also the volume of the different channels Front and Rear.
    On my website https://martindenboer.nl/project-replica-saint-sulpice/ you will find more information about the building of the copy of the console St. Sulpice Paris. Also several pictures and images of the tabs of the composite SSC.
    You can order the composition St. Sulpice via the contact form on my website https://martindenboer.nl/contact/.
    The price is € 275,- This is only for the composité St. Sulpice and not for the above mentioned sample sets 1 to 4.

    After your order, in the ODF of the composite SSC your full name and license will be put in, so it's clear that you have purchased this and it's for you personally. You understand and agree that passing on the composite to others is prohibited.

    Best regards,
    Martin den Boer