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    It’s impossible to answer some queries without knowing where in the world a poster comes from. All too often we are deprived of a solid answer because this information is not available. Apart from that it’s nice to have some idea of to whom you’re talking.

    Can completion of the Location field under My Profile be made mandatory?
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    Originally posted by RogerM View Post
    Can completion of the Location field under My Profile be made mandatory?

    I feel your pain. However, I can also understand a person's need for privacy. I'm now retired, but didn't want former clients (prisoners) to know where I lived. For that reason, I'd recommend only making a general location be made mandatory, rather than being restricted to City/State, City/Province, City/County, etc. Just my 2¢ worth. I do agree it is much easier to provide specific advice when a location is provided.

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      If it's possible to make the data field mandatory, there's no way to mandate it's accuracy. So if someone is worried about being found, they can put Timbuktu in the location. I suspect most people would use a legitimate location.


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        I'll add my voice to the "chorus" of members frustrated when folks ask for help and have no location in their profile. We even have long-time members on here who don't have that listed. Come on people, at least list the COUNTRY where you reside if you don't want to be more specific. That's not giving up much privacy (unless you are wanted by Interpol, I guess.) I vote for making an entry in the location field mandatory for new members, if that is possible in the code for this forum.
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