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"General Chat" threads - should they actually be somewhere else?

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    Sometimes, such posts fly under the radar. If you see a post that would fit better in a different channel, flag it for a moderator to have a look at. Other times, it may be such posts don't clearly fit in one category or another and the General Chat channel covers all basis.

    Personally, I tend to leave posts in General Chat unless someone suggests that they be moved or it's abundantly clear that they were mistakenly posted there. It's a General category so really nothing is off-topic there, even though it might make sense to place it in a more relative channel. Moderators act independently here, so that's solely my approach, not forum policy.

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  • "General Chat" threads - should they actually be somewhere else?

    I'm finding that recent threads in the "General Chat" part of the Forum look like they should be in a subforum of "Electronic Organs'. Not that I mind, but I'm not sure why people are overlooking the obvious places where they should be seeking/finding/offering help.

    I'm not losing sleep over this, just wondering why it's happening.