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Is it possible to have a "for Print" view or "read as one post" view?

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  • Is it possible to have a "for Print" view or "read as one post" view?

    To the admins,

    First off, thank you. I have run forums in years past and I can appreciate that it is a lot of effort.

    I have a question that would make my experience here even better. I would like to view a long post as one page.

    Many forums enable a “for print” feature that will allow a long post to be read as one page or even printed with proper formatting. When I want to study a long discussion on some of the forums I participate in, I like to be able to print the discussion out so I can make notes. For some really long discussions as we have here, it’s just cumbersome to have to slice it up.

    Is there a feature that I do not see? Or, is it possible to enable it?

    Either way, thank you for all you do to support this community.

    Eric Mack
    Rodgers 340 S/N 34341
    Los Angeles, CA

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    The old software had a print view, but it didn't do what you're asking; it printed the entire thread. I found it un-useful.

    You do have some control over how many posts appear on a page with a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 40 which might be useful if you want to print using your browser. The setting is under the Account tab of your settings.

    You could also just cut and paste into another document and do your editing there. On a Windows machine, I'll frequently print to One Note to save internet articles I'm interested in. If you're on Windows, the Edge browser offers the best alternative. You can take any page and mark it up with highlights, notes, and comments and then save it off to the browser's Reading List or send it to One Note for future reference or printing.

    Given that we are well on our way to a paperless society, I think it unlikely that the developers will be adding a dedicated print feature to this
    software in any time soon, if ever.

    Allen 965
    Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
    Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
    Hauptwerk 4.2


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      Thanks! I'll go change my settings in account tab. I do in fact use OneNote -- a lot. But I usually copy paste into OneNote so that I can select content. Even then, I will go edit to discard headers etc. I know tyat I could copy/paste successive pages but one long page is so much easier. Thank you!
      Eric Mack
      Rodgers 340 S/N 34341
      Los Angeles, CA