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  • Email Notifications

    Is it possible to connect an email account so that I can be notified when someone replies to a thread I have posted in or when my username is mentioned? I don't always remember to check on everything and miss stuff.

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    You can receive email notifications for your subscriptions and other forum activities.

    You can subscribe to channels, e.g. Classic and Church Pipe Organs, and receive notifications of additions to the channel, or to specific topics to receive notifications of new posts and comments to the topic. You can also follow specific users by subscribing to them to receive notifications when they post.

    To subscribe to Channels and Topics, click the Subscribe button at the top of the list in their respective areas. To subscribe to a User click on their user name to view their profile and click the Subscribe button there.

    You specify the type of notifications you want to receive in your User Settings under the Notifications tab.

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      Thank you! I didn't see the tab to change from Profile Settings to Notifications.