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    I sent a private message a couple of days ago and today I didn't see the message in the "sent" list.

    I sent the message again and I still don't see that it was sent.

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    I just sent you a test PM and it shows in my Sent folder.

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      Thanks, I got it. I was able to send a message by typing the user name directly in the compose message section of the message center. When I tried sending from the user profile, it didn't appear as sent.


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        • You originally sent him a visitor message, not a private message, which is why it wasn't in your Sent folder. The edit box on the Profile page will send a visitor message. A visitor message is a public message that appears on the recipient's profile page.

          On the profile page, above the edit box is a button that says Private Message. Click that button to send a Private Message.

          The layout is confusing, I know, but that's the way it is.

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