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Providing Contact Information For Others

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  • Providing Contact Information For Others

    It's up to you of course, but placing your email address in your posts is considered to be inadviseable. Spammers and hackers routinely scan and harvest email addresses from sites such as this to use for less than honorable purposes.

    The forum provides ways of permitting visitors to contact you without exposing your email address to this risk. In addition you have flexibility of enabling, disabling or changing these contact methods and addresses at any time from your settings control panel.


    User Information Menu
    To the left of each message on the forum is a column where the username, avatar and other information for the poster is displayed . Clicking on the username brings up a menu of information pertaining to that user. Options for sending private messages, emails, and instant messaging choices appear in this menu. You have some control of what menu options are displayed through your Settings page. These settings are found under General Settings.

    Go to your Settings page by clicking Settings at the top of any page. In the My Settings column on the left of the page under My Account click the General Settings link. This will display the General Settings page.

    Private Messaging Options

    You can enable or disable the ability of others to send you private messages. You can also choose to have an alert sent to your email address whenever someone sends you a private message. People often ask why when they send a private message a copy is not saved in their Sent Items folder. The reason is that this is also configurable in these options.

    Email Messaging Options
    If you wish to allow visitors to email you directly you need to check the Receive Email from other members options. This will show the Send Email option in the user menu. When this option is clicked in the menu, a form will appear for the sender to enter the subject and content of the email. When this form is submitted, it is sent, by the forum, to the email address that you have configured for this purpose. This email address is never revealed to the sender or other visitors to the forum. Of course, if you choose to reply to an email sent from the forum, your address will be part of the reply just as it is with all email replies.

    To change your email address go to your Settings page by clicking Settings at the top of any page. In the My Settings column on the left of the page under My Account click the Edit Email and Password link.

    Using the contact methods provided by the forum will help keep your email Inbox from being flooded with unwanted spam and help protect your email account from being hijacked by others.

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    Thank you for this update on security. I have been contacted recently by someone who created a thread you locked, and appreciated the restriction of information. As a rule, I generally don't reply to people who have submitted 50 or fewer posts. I want to make sure they've made a commitment to the Forum before I contact them on a personal level.

    BTW, I have met a couple of Forum members, and that experience has been great as well, so I play both sides of the fence here. As Admin says, just be careful.

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