Visitor messages are publicly viewed messages posted on member profile pages. To post a message, navigate to a member's profile and enter your content using the form at the top of the section. The message you post will be viewable to all visitors of this profile, including but not limited to, guest users and search engine robots if the administrator has allowed this.

The profile owner can limit the viewing of visitor messages on their profile by editing their Privacy options under User Settings. The options are:
  • Everyone - this includes guest users and search engine robots.
  • Members - forum members that are signed- in.
  • Subscribers - forum members who have subscribed to the profile owner.
Visitor message can be edited or deleted by site moderators or the member who owns the profile. If you come across a visitor message that is not appropriate, you can alert the moderators by clicking the 'Flag' link. The 'Go to Post' link allows you to view all the comments on that particular visitor message. In addition to this, you can optionally choose to 'Like' the visitor message too.

To communicate privately with a member, send a Private Message instead using the option just above the Visitor Message form.