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Why Don't I Have Permission To View A Page?

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  • Why Don't I Have Permission To View A Page?

    When you are presented with "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page." it means that the page or content you were attempting to navigate to is not available to you. This may be because you don't have the necessary permissions to view that page, or more commonly, because the post or page you were attempting to navigate to was deleted.

    There are areas of the Forum that require membership to view and you'll see this message if you are not signed in or if it is an area off-limits to you. Verify that you are currently signed in if this occurs.

    The other common reason for this message is that the information you are attempting to view has been deleted. This can occur after you receive a notification and the post is subsequently deleted prior to you clicking on the link. In this case, you'll will be unable to view the message because it no longer exists.
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