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  • Lowery Coronation Help

    I recently received an Coronation organ as part of an inheritance and know nothing about organs . I know that this organ was expensive when purchased new , but now are relatively worthless which is a shame as it is such a beautiful piece.This unit lights up and I put the card in but get nothing . I have checked the fuses and all are good . Can anyone direct me to the next step in trying to repair this unit ? Did these organs have any common problems ? I have basic electrical knowledge and know enough not to get shocked . I can not get anything on the display . The unit had set for some time without being turned on . Any help would be appreciated as I hate to see this organ junked !


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    You don't need to put a card into the organ to actually play it, so I'm not sure what you're trying to get it to do. Are you saying that it makes no sound when you play the keys?

    The organ itself is basically all Japanese inside (Kawai) and so it's inherently reliable. However, quality control of assembly in the US left something to be desired. We had some shockers arrive at Lowrey UK, all with the 'Checked by .......' labels on! So I'd start by checking all the internal inter-board connectors by unplugging, cleaning (use Caig De-Oxit) and plugging back in. There are plenty of ribbon cables in there so do the sockets one by one. Then see what's working and what's not.

    If you have a major board failure (not that likely but possible) that's probably it, there are no spares and you'd have to cannibalise an identical model. Other faults can usually be fixed but you are already aware of the low end value that would probably be outweighed by an engineer's time and parts.
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