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  • "Settings"

    The "Classical Church and Electronic Organs" thread has suddenly dropped from my Settings. I have set up a special link for myself whereby I can access only the thread I want to see. This has been in place for years, until now. Please tell me how to get "Classical Church and Electronic Organs" back into my link. It has been so long that I forgot how to do that.
    Many thanks!
    EDIT: Here is my link -- http://www.organforum.com/forums/usercp.php

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    Only you can view your Settings.

    Are you talking about the Subscribed Forums list in your settings? If so go to the Forum home page and find the Classic & Church Electronics Organ entry and click the little green checkmark to subscribe to that forum. If you see a black circle with a white bar in it and no green check mark, you're already subscribed to that forum and it should appear in your list of subscribed forums in your settings.

    If it still does not show in your settings subscribed forum list, let me know the browser and browser version you are using.

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      Somehow the Classical and Church Electronic Organs Forum got "green checked" insted of the "black circle with the white bar." God only knows !! SIGH !!!

      I would never have been able to fix it without your advice.

      Blessings upon you !!