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Baldwin organ model 5a tuning problem

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  • Baldwin organ model 5a tuning problem

    I just finished restoring a baldwin 5a but now i am having trouble tuning it. I do have the tuning gear but the problem i am having is that the e will note come into tuning ,
    and also the notes that i have tuned they drift from the tuning position on the next day when i power it up .
    Before tuning or attempting to tune i leave it on for at least an hour to warm up .
    Regarding the e the only note that does tune in is the upper high note on the far right side of the manual , all the others will not tune , i cannot get them to go past d .
    On the tone generator there are 6 sub chassis for each note but the e only has one tuning potentiometer all the rest have 2 per note .
    Can anybody shed some light on this problem ?