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  • What are tags?

    What are tags, what are they for, and how are they used in this forum? Do they benefit google searches or forum searches or only tag searches?
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    Tags are descriptive words that can be used to categorize a thread. Because tags are generated by users and reflect the thread's main topics, they are more useful for searching than keywords that blindly list any content containing them. One way you can search with tags is using the Forum's Advanced Search Options.

    You can get an idea as to the popularity of particular subject by looking at the Tag Cloud in the sidebar on the home page. The larger the word or phrase in the cloud, the more it has been tagged. You can click on a word in the tag cloud to display a list of threads bearing that tag; however, due to space limitations the tag cloud shows only the most popular tags in use.

    You can view the tags for any thread by scrolling down the page inside a thread and viewing them under the Tags For This Thread heading. Registered users can add and edit tags here as well.

    The drawback to tags is that they require users to take the trouble to enter tags for the threads and this seems to be the exception here and most threads lack tags.

    Again, any member can add a tag to any thread, so you don't have to be the thread's creator to add tags and improve the usability of the Forum.

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