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  • Change in Editor for Posting

    Admin The editor for posting to the various forums on this board seems to have been changed. I used to get all kinds of options. Now it is rather minimalist in nature. Example, I wanted to post a photo this morning to show an example for a statement in a post. I see no option for uploading anything. Perhaps I have to earn enough brownie points to get access to the secret handshake. Or perhaps I need to change some settings. But I'm not seeing the helpful options I was seeing before the recent system maintenance. Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated. Bach-On
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    There have been no configuration changes to the Forum editors and everyone has the same options. What those options are depends on which editor you've chosen to use in your Forum settings.

    Go to your Settings.
    In the left sidebar under My Settings/My Account click General Settings.
    Scroll down to Miscellaneous Options. There are 3 choices under Message Editor Interface.

    All the options for a give editor appear only when you choose Go Advanced in your reply window.

    Only those with access to your account can change those settings, so if you did not change browsers or browser settings, and you did not change your editor settings, you should consider the possibility that someone has access to your account and change your password.

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