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help posting classified?

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  • help posting classified?

    Can anyone help me to post a classified? I have a Hammond S6 in good working condition that I would like to see if someone local in Arizona is interested in. I know you cant post for sale in forum, but when I try and post a classified it takes me to the FAQ for 'How Do I Start A New Thread' when I try and enter any information. I am a new user, is it that I don't have rights yet, or not at all to post classifieds? I am writing this to see if I can get help, and also see if I can even post at all.

    Rick in Scottsdale...

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    There are no restrictions that would prevent you from posting a classified. Try this:
    1. Click the Classifieds tab at the top the page.
    2. In the left sidebar of the Classifieds page click Post A Classified then select the type of classified you wish to post.
    3. Fill out the form completely and make sure you agree to the terms of use by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the form.
    4. Because you are new user, your classified will not appear until approved by moderator. This might take up to 24 hours.

    If you continue to have problems, post a step-by-step account of your actions, as above, noting any error messages displayed. Include the name and version of your browser as well.

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