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getting an email address

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  • getting an email address

    How can I get the e mail address of Mr. Don Sharp Sr. who posted about Larry Ferarri on he Lowrey forum.
    Larry was a good friend of ours too, and I just want to send Don an email and talk about our
    mutual friend Larry Ferarri.

    Can you please let me know how I can do that.
    Harlene Wurst

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    Forum member's email addresses are not visible to others for security purposes. You can send a member email from the Forum by clicking on their username wherever you find it and clicking Send email from the pop-up menu. If you don't see a Send email option, it means that member has elected not to receive emails from other Forum members. Your option then would be to send a Private Message. Again, if that option doesn't appear, it means that member has elected not to receive private messages.

    Exposing email addresses on the open Internet is a bad idea as it can be used by evil-doers for spam and phishing. I've removed yours from your post for that reason.

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