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  • Forum speed

    Anyone noticing a major drop in speed in response compared to the older version of the forum software? I'm talking 30+ seconds to open Message Center, or 20+ seconds for a post to appear. Both of these happened just a few moments ago but has been slow since the forum migrated. Windows 7 SP1, Chrome 71.3578.98.

    Edit: And then this post appeared as normal, after about a second! :)
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    What I notice mostly is that there must be a metric ton of JavaScript running. Only because after the page is done loading, there's lots of layout changes happening, and it takes Chrome (Android) a while to get responsive again. I could be wrong though, it could just be bloaty Chrome being bloaty. I don't normally use it because it's such a memory hog.

    Edit: I just experienced what you're seeing, it took almost two minutes for my post to appear.


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      Ditto. I'm also using Chrome, but I also have FF and Safari on this computer, and IE on another computer. Let me check with those and get back to you. This computer is wireless, while the other is wired Ethernet. I want to see which iteration works the best (or makes a difference).

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        I have seen some slowness over the past day or two, but, it's been spotty. As I write this, the response time this morning is seems no different than the old Forum.

        There are many factors that contribute to performance of an internet application such as this, so it does not necessarily follow that any perceived slowness is due to the change in software. It may be, but I'd expect that the degradation would be more or less consistent and not be as severe as described here. That's more likely due to internet traffic and routing conditions and loads on the application and database servers the application is running on. One thing I can say, is that if you're using an up to date browser, the issue is not your browser.

        We'll just have to wait and see if the problem is persistent or transient over the next several days.

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          I've observed a slower response too, especially when submitting a post.

          Is it because the forum is now using the https encrypted protocol? When Google maps switched to https there was a tremendous change in how quickly the satellite image moved from a blur to clarity on my screen. My Internet download speed is only 8 mbps. Perhaps the CPU speed (for decryption) and connection speed people are using are more of a factor now.
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            It's possible that https: is a factor, but the forum has been forcing https: since last August.