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Can't Access Classifieds on New Forum

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    Can't Access Classifieds on New Forum

    In the past with the old format, the classifieds were open to all. Now, it's telling me I'm not authorized to view it. Is this something you have to pay for now? Or is something screwed up?


    I am getting the same thing. Not sure what is up.


      Strange, I've just tried it, logged in and not logged in and I can access the Classified ads with no problems. The photos don't show up if you're not logged in.
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        I'm not seeing a problem. I'm able to see the ad whether I'm not logged in, logged in as an Administrator, or logged in as a registered user.

        If you continue to have trouble viewing, let me know the channel you're trying to view, e.g. Church & Classical Classifieds, whether you're logged in, and whether other classified channels are blocked.

        I can see the pictures, by clicking on the links, in this post whether logged in or not.
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          No problem now--wonder if it was a glitch?