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    What function does the "Subscribe" perform, when you choose it on a specific Forum?

    I'm subscribed to the Pump and Reed Organ forum, but only get notifications when someone posts in a topic I've posted in. I want to get notifications of *any* new topic or new post in that forum.

    Tom M.

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    Unfortunately, the developer of the Forum software changed terminologies so there may be a bit of confusion as to what is what as the old terms are still being used. Forums are now referred to as Channels. Within Channels you have Topics. This post is under the Help & Tips Using the Forum Channel in the Forum subscriptions topic that you started. Now, with that out of the way, I can address your question.

    You can subscribe to both Channels and Topics.
    • When you subscribe to a Channel, you will receive notifications when new Topics are posted in that Channel.
    • When you subscribe to a Topic, you will receive notifications when new posts or comments are added to that Topic.
    • You can opt to automatically subscribe to Topics you've posted in, or started, by enabling the setting under your User Settings/Notifications tab.
    If you have subscribed to the Pump & Reed Organ channel, you should receive notifications when topics are added to that channel. If a new topic interests you, you can then subscribe to it, or if you enabled the option your settings, you will be automatically subscribed to the topic when you post in it.

    Does this information address your issue?


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      Thanks very much for the details. I think I was expecting to receive notice (email) when *any* reply was posted in a subscribed topic - not just if I'd made a post there. I have subscribed to the Pump channel, and I do have automatic subscription when I make a post - but sometimes want to follow a topic even tho' I have nothing to post. If I don't post, I don't get update notifications.

      Anyway, I'll see how this goes.
      Tom M.


      • myorgan
        myorgan commented
        Editing a comment

        Try viewing the New Topics and Today's Posts at the top of each page to find posts you've missed. I've subscribed to a few channels, but use the other two I've mentioned to catch posts I may have missed.

        Hopefully, the changes you've made will make the difference for you.